Welsh language and landscape workshop

New for 2021 - Online interactive workshop!

Welsh words on a map are beautiful and descriptive; often relating to the shape of the ground or the use of the land.

During this workshop we can discuss the words which we see on the map, I'll help you to learn some key words, what they mean and how they can help us to navigate safely whilst out walking, and we'll have a mini quiz or two to see how we're getting on. . . Just for fun! 

Join me for this relaxed and informative workshop; once you're booked I will email you an access code. The workshop will be run over Google Meet - just click the link which I email you and you should be able to join in with the session. (Some people have found that they do need to download an App for this depending what device they are using, please check that you can join a Meet on your device before booking).


This workshop is interactive rather than being like a webinar so you are welcome to join me in discussion via your webcam / microphone features on your device if you wish.

Cost £15 for about 90minutes

Max Ratio 1:6 

Dates available in March 2021:

Thursday March 11th 19:30 - 0 spaces remaining

Thursday March 18th 19:30 - 0 space remaining

Thursday March 25th 19:30 - 1 space remaining

Monday March 29th 19:30 - 0 spaces remaining

Other dates can be arranged by request.

Please read the important information before booking - thank you.