one word in welsh - quiz 5

Have a look at the Welsh words below, and the descriptions. Can you work out which word from the pair is most suitable? Jot down your answers on a piece of paper, then click the button at the bottom of the page to see if you were correct!

  1. Are you more likely to find a route through a 'bwlch' or a 'clogwyn' ?

  2. Would a mountain stream be more likely to run down a 'cefn' or a 'cwm' ?

  3. What feature might make a good handrail; 'moel' or 'afon' ?

  4. Which word would probably indicate that you're at a summit; 'pen' or ' dyffryn' ?

  5. Where are you more likely to need gaiters; 'craig' or 'cors' ?

  6. What word would indicate a body of water; 'llyn' or 'llan' ?