booking: important information

Thank you for visiting my website. During the COVID-19 pandemic I am not running any face to face activities.

The information on this page relates to the online workshops which are available to book. 

The following two workshops will be running Springtime 2021:

Available now March 2021

Coming soon April 2021

Before booking; please take a few moments to read this important information. 

How the interactive workshop will be run

Interactive workshops will be held via Google Meets. You may need to download the Google Meet App (particularly on a mobile device or Apple product) please check whether you are able to do this prior to booking. After booking and once payment has been received; I will email you a link the evening before the workshop. You just need to click this link on the stated time / date and you should be able to join our live meeting.

During the live meeting I will have my camera and microphone on as I am hosting the workshop. It is entirely up to you if you would also like to have yours on. Because this is an interactive workshop with opportunity for discussion rather than a webinar it would be nice if you're able to interact and talk during the session; but you are more than welcome to sit back and listen if you'd prefer.

During the live meeting I will send you a link to a quick quiz which I have created as part of the workshop. This is just for fun so that you can keep track of your own learning. No one else will be able to see your score but again, if you'd like to join in chatting with me after the quiz we can talk about the questions and answers live.

I will reserve the last ten minutes of the workshop for questions.

Minimum workshop ratio 1:2

Maximum workshop ratio 1:6

Workshop duration maximum 1 hour

I like the sound of this! How do I book?

Please email me if you would like to book one of these sessions. I will then send you an invoice for £15 and payment can be made via a bank transfer. Once payment has been received I will send you a receipt, and the night before the workshop I will email you the link to join.


If I have to cancel the workshop, for example due to power failure / illness / unexpected events then I will email you as soon as possible and you can decide:

a) You would like a refund - I will refund you at the earliest opportunity.

b) You would like to select a different date - I will chat with you over email and we'll sort out a new date.

NB. if the workshop fails at any point within the first 45 minutes because of a fault with my internet / power - I will be happy to offer a refund to anyone who requests it.

If you have to cancel your booking more than 1 week from the workshop start date:

a) You can choose to be refunded in full.

b) You can choose to move your booking to a different date - contact me by email to discuss.

If you have to cancel your booking less than 1 week from the workshop start date:

a) You can choose to move your booking to a different date - contact me by email to discuss.

b) If I am able to find someone to replace you on the workshop I will refund your payment in full.

c) If I am unable to find a replacement then no refund can be given.

If you have issues with your internet / power and the workshop has begun then I'm very sorry but I won't be able to issue a refund.

Privacy - your information.

Because this is an online workshop, minimal information is required from you. When booking; I will require:

a) Your full name

b) Your email address

Booking will be completed via email and your details will be seen by myself only. 

I will not contact you to "advertise" a workshop, course or activity.

I may contact you with a summary of the workshop or answers to any questions which arose; within 48 hours of completion of the workshop.

During the interactive workshop, if you choose to have your camera on then other participants in the workshop will be able to see you.

During the interactive workshop, all participants will be able to see who has joined in (i.e. everyone's names).

Lastly . . . 


Although I really don't foresee any problems like this, it's worth mentioning in this booking information. During the workshop only kind and respectful behaviour will be tolerated. Unkind or disrespectful words or actions by any person will result in that participant being removed from the live meet.