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climb - fit



Climbing can be an amazing addition to your fitness routine! Activating muscles that you may not use frequently in every day life, climbing can help to tone and strengthen body and mind. During our personalised session, tailored to suit your needs; we will warm up, spend an hour climbing (and having fun!) then cool down.

Cost £30 including wall entry and kit hire

Max Ratio 1:2

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The different distance series

Schedule some time to challenge yourself and achieve more than you possibly thought you could, by coming along with me for a Different Distance walk.

Which distance will challenge your legs and lungs and help to improve your fitness?

Is 10, 20 or 30km your Different Distance? Let's find out!

Don't worry about route finding or navigation as I will guide you all the way in our small and sociable group. 

Cost £variable

Max Ratio 1:4

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walk - fit

a faster pace

With a set of poles to propel us along the trails, join me for a faster paced walk designed to get the blood pumping! Walking is an excellent activity to help you improve your fitness and using poles can help to reduce the impact on your joints.   

Cost £20

Max Ratio 1:4

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