Quiz 3 Answers!

  1. Craig / Carreg / Creigiau - these words all mean rock or rocks or rocky. There might be boulders or crags or stones.

  2. Esgair - this was a tricky one! Hopefully you can see from the contour lines on the map that this would denote some sort of mountain spur, or ridge.

  3. Cors / Gors - (the C at the beginning of the word can be mutated to G). This ground is generally going to be boggy or marshy so careful route planning may be required!

  4. Ffynnon - This may be a spring on the ground, a water source of some sort. Perhaps even a well!

  5. Mawr - or Fawr if the M has mutated. This is a Welsh word for "big"

  6. Crib - I think we've all heard of Crib Goch! Ridge or arete.